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The Mortgage Guru has a fresh new look with a full video recording of me, as I riff in real time about the week in markets and mortgage rates.

This week we had the December inflation data (CPI) and the best mortgage rates in 4-months as the bond market continued to rally, although not as enthusiastically as last week.

Nonetheless, the 10-year closed below the key technical level of 3.50% after hitting cycle highs of 4.25% in November.

Can the bond bulls continue to thwart the bears and keep 3.50% as the new level of technical support? The upcoming four-day week will be the first test with a stack of housing data scheduled to be released.

Meanwhile, yield curves of all shapes and size continue to invert deeper and longer than ever before.

What is the bond market signaling, how much higher will the Fed hike their overnight lending right, and what lurks in the shadows of the economy?Join me in this video to find out.

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