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The Mortgage Guru Speaks…

Welcome to the Mortgage Guru Podcast.

This show is going to be a lot more than just “mortgages”.

Yes, I will answer mortgage related questions, but I’ll be using this platform to go much deeper than just mortgage 101.

We live in an intricately connected global macro world, and events on the other side of the planet, even those occurring in outer space, can have a profound impact on the value of your money at home.

I will have guests join on this show, but as a host of another podcast, called the “Money MBA Podcast” where I interview some of smartest minds in finance, I instead hope to leverage this 2nd channel as a more open space for ME … to rant about real estate, the global financial markets, and maybe just about anything I feel is important to your future health, wealth, and prosperity.

You don’t need to own a home or even want to own real estate to get value you out of the content I’ll be sharing here.

However, if a better life for you and your family is a goal, and it should be for everyone, then please subscribe to the show at http://MortgageGuruPodcast.com or wherever you find your favorite podcasts, and get ready to see the world, the financial markets, and your money in a whole new way.

Welcome to the Mortgage Guru Podcast, with me, your host, Jonathan Kutsmeda.